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I have skills…

Yeah. I’m a super-skilled driver. I swear, I can find the nearest brick wall / skip in a 5 mile radius and reverse into it! Yeah. I did it again. I reversed into a wall today. It was in this … Continue reading

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It’s the not knowing that’s the killer…

I’ve been looking for someone. And I’ve been looking for a few years now. I’ve tried Google. I’ve tried Facebook. I’ve tried many other sites, but she seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth. I don’t necessarily … Continue reading

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Sunset over the pier. Well. Where to start? Despite everything seemingly going well for me lately – and it is – I am still pretty much a mess if I’m going to be honest. Poor K is having to put … Continue reading

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I’m stressed out. So much to think about. “Catastrophic thinking”, K calls it. Like a snowball effect. Thinking one thing is going to go wrong, which will then make other things go wrong. But a first piece of good news … Continue reading

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Let’s get serious now..

Romance is NOT dead I have a problem. It’s a pretty big problem in the scale of things I think. And despite my best science, I can’t quite solve it. Bananas. Yes, bananas. I like bananas, see. It’s one of … Continue reading

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I had to sack somebody today. For the first time. See usually, if I want to ‘retire’ an agent, I just don’t give them any more work. But today was a case of gross misconduct. And the agent had to … Continue reading

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Preparation is EVERYTHING

Indeed it is. Preparation. I’m the kind of person who needs to write lists. You know the one. The one who puts EVERYTHING into an outlook calendar and ‘invites’ you to important events via email to try and make you … Continue reading

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Here we go again..

Well, how to put it? I’m not doing so well recently. I’m still crying at the drop of a hat. I’m still extremely paranoid. I’m still freaking out over illogical things. (like not bringing a pair of trousers into the … Continue reading

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Dear Diary…

Dear diary… I’ve been feeling a bit down lately. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m just a little run-down. I don’t function well when it’s cold. And the flat has started to get really cold. When I get cold and … Continue reading

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So So Tired..

I am. I’m REALLY really tired.. See, I can’t drink Caffeine. Some awful medical reason which I won’t go into here. But now I have no nicotine either, and I’m really really struggling in this warm weather with no stimulants … Continue reading

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