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Random things, spotted whilst out and about.

Small world

We went (K and I), to Brighton Pride yesterday. We had meant to be going to the Cambridge Folk Festival, but I sold the tickets as Kate Rusby wasn’t playing and I’m a bit nervous about camping. (Considering the last … Continue reading

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Today I am a hero. And a clutz

Yes readers, today I am a hero. Today I was driving to work when I noticed something in the middle of the road. Turned out to be a St Bernard dog. Just standing there stopping the traffic. No sign of … Continue reading

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Big City Bright Lights..

Well, I had an interesting weekend. I had to go to Kent to observe some training on Saturday, so I stayed with a friend on Friday night. After training, I was persuaded to go to London for a drink. To … Continue reading

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Choo choo!

Well, I’ve been sitting here about half of an hour trying to decide what to write.. I’m not sure. So this may be a little disjointed… I got to work around 8.30 this morning, and it has been non-stop since! … Continue reading

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A fox, cunningly hiding amongst long grass, watching the bunnies play nearby.

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