I like that word. Good word. I think I have it. Bouncebackability, that is. Maybe it’s the drugs, maybe it’s the fact that the training course I have been dreading is now OVER. Or maybe it’s the reappearance of the sun, the daffodils and being able to keep the window open all night. Whatever it is, I’m feeling MILES better.

I went to Self Defence class tonight. And it was AWESOME. I was engaged, I had fun and I could concentrate. A BIG difference from two weeks ago. The instructor is looking at arranging a short trip to New York to do some training with the founder of the martial art. That would be so cool! I’d love to go! I’d have to get over my total fear of flying though. I used to be find with flying. Until I started having recurring plane crash dreams. Funny, that..

Anyhoo. Things are going well. I have decided to put myself forward for election in May as a Parish Councillor. I feel I could possibly make a difference, and it could be interesting. I was actually tempted to put myself up for election to the local council, but that would probably be too much work at the moment. I am quite busy.

Photography class finished tomorrow, so that will free up one evening a week. But I do have to schedule in three runs a week so I can begin training for the Great North Run. I could probably do that Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and take Sunday off from all exercise. I am going to have to schedule time in to do housework too!

There are a couple of little niggles at the moment (aren’t there always??).. One is my weight (again). I’m struggling to stick to the diet, even though I stuck to it for one week about a fortnight ago and managed to lose 9lb! I really need to sit down and work out what my targets are this time. i need a proper focus to lose the last of the weight. Something that will encourage me to stick to it this time!

I’m also looking at other jobs. I don’t want to let down my current company, but I’m only funded until the end of June. I have been looking for part time work, so I could do another job on a part time basis and reduce my hours where i am now so I could eke out the funding a bit longer. But I have seen a couple of jobs I’d quite like to go for. One of them is a real career step, which would be nice. But it would mean commuting into London (which I would definitely NOT like).I like being able to cycle to work. But anyway. I’m wondering whether to apply for them. I’m kinda torn..

And that’s my life at the moment! Amazing what a difference a week can make, isn’t it? I’m glad I’m feeling better. I was getting a bit sick of being so miserable!

Thanks for all the nice messages guys. It was really encouraging and it does help :)

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2 Responses to Bouncebackability

  1. Lemonpillows says:

    Thanks Fanny :)

  2. Sarsparilla says:

    So glad things are seeming better. Still a bit concerned that no human can live at your speed, though! You do SOOOO much.
    Just wanted to say, with a foldable bike you can still cycle part of the commute….

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