Weekend off!

Well, I managed to get all of my assignments finished for my PTLLS course today! Woo hoo! That means I can have a weekend off! I do have other deadlines coming up, but I think I’d like to take a weekend to rest and recover from my cold before getting back on the treadmill of deadlines and work.

So that leaves me with a dilemma: What to do this weekend? I could read my book, watch some more of the House dvd set, sleep, go cycling (weather dependent), play some dance mat, take some photographs, play my guitar, play around with my trumpet or saxophone, eat biscuits, catch up on some tv… The list is endless! I have been looking forward to a free weekend so much and now I can’t decide what to do with it! What an AWESOME feeling :D

In other news, I have an appointment on Tuesday evening to find out about attending Kickboxing classes. There’s a Martial Arts school around the corner from our house and they do beginner’s Kickboxing on a Tuesday and Thursday evening. I can’t go on Thursday as that’s when I have photography, but Tuesdays would be good.

If I’m honest, I’m finding the whole weight issue really difficult at the moment. I put weight on over christmas (like a lot of people) and I’m finding it hard to get back into eating well and keeping the weight off. I have been over indulging in biscuits and a bit of ice cream yesterday and my belly is bulging. It feels uncomfortable and I worry about it a lot. I don’t want to end up over eating all the time and putting on loads and loads of weight. I need to stop doing this to myself and get back on plan. But that is SO much easier said than done!

I have thought about going along to Slimming World to try and lose the last bit of weight, but that plan doesn’t really teach you about portion sizes. Or is that just an excuse to not do anything about my weight at the moment and bury my head in the sand?

I’m cycling to work most days (except Thursdays when I have photography and too much stuff to fit in my panniers) and will hopefully be doing kickboxing (depending on how much it’s actually going to cost), but I do need to eat healthily too.

I’m sure I’ll get back on track soon. I really really need to learn how to deal with stress, frustration and anger without turning to food though. I think that is my weak spot. I have always found it difficult to express anger and frustration. If I ever do get angry, I either end up crying or burying the feeling. And that leads to over eating. If I had a strategy to deal with those feelings in a reasonable way, I’d be sorted for life! Sometimes, like when I’m at work, I can’t just go screaming into a pillow. And sometimes even ‘going for a walk’ is out, as I often end up looking after the office alone and we have to keep the door open for the public..

Anyone have any tips on how to deal with anger, frustration and stress without eating and without making your colleagues scared of you? All suggestions gratefully received! :D

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  1. Gin says:

    Not sure what to suggest about the stress…somehow I have managed to find inner calm and find myself laughing rathe than screaming these days. What about using the plate portion trick for food – half of the plate should be vegetables….a quarter protein and a quarter carbs……and also to have a reasonable sized plate instead of a huuuuggggggeeeeee one.

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