The wanderer returns..

It has been a long time, hasn’t it? And a lot can happen in a year.

Let’s go through the more important changes to get them out of the way:

  • I have been on a MAJOR diet. I shed about 5 stone through diet and exercise. For those interested, before and after photos are here on Flickr.
  • I started to commute by bicycle and now love to cycle places. Much preferrable to using the car. (and mostly quicker around town)
  • I started really getting into photography. Mrs Pillows paid for me to attend a beginners photography course as a birthday present last year and I LOVE it! I bought myself a digital SLR and I love just going out and taking photographs.

There! Now that’s done I can start blogging again!

I have also grown as a person over the last 12 months. My depressive episodes are now fewer and I’m a bit more able to cope with day to day life. I managed two further salary negotiations and have made friends. That’s something I find particularly difficult. It takes a long time to grow a good friend and I’m always analyzing my own performance as a friend and finding myself lacking! Ever the perfectionist..

I didn’t really know what to do with this blog, but it seemed a shame to just let it go. I have been blogging for 10 years and it has seen me through some really bad times. It’s therapeutic to look over past blog entries and see how far I have actually come. Though whether that’s an improvement in my depression or just ‘growing up’ is still debatable.

The last few days have been a little hard if I’m honest. I’ve been off work as I had another depressive episode. I suppose that’s what prompted me to start up the blog again. As Vanessa said – some things just don’t fit into 140 characters! I’m embarrassed and frustrated that I had to take time off work, but I’m also comforted by the fact that it doesn’t happen very often any more. I think I was only off once last year due to depression. And that’s a big improvement!

Anyhoo. There will probably be some test posts in the near future as I test out posting from my Android phone and uploading pictures, so apologies if this clutters up your RSS feeds! Normal service will be resumed quite soon..

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8 Responses to The wanderer returns..

  1. Leah says:

    Hi Dawn,
    I just had a look at your before and after pics on Flickr and you look amazing! Well done :)

  2. Femme Gender says:

    Great to see you here hun! (although I always enjoy seeing you at the ‘other place’ too) x fimg

  3. Lemonpillows says:

    Thanks Leah :) Hard work but well worth it!

    Hi Femme! Thanks :D

  4. Sarsparilla says:

    FIVE stone? Are you serious? I didn’t know it was that much! Fuck! That is seriously seriously hard work. And TWO salary negotiations? Brilliant.

    Sod the depression, it may not ever go away entirely, but YOU, lady, in the meantime, you are doing AWESOME.

  5. Sarah says:

    10 years, wow! It doesn’t seem possible, does it? Some fabulous achievements under your very loose belt there, Dawn! :)

  6. Lemonpillows says:

    Thanks Sarah :) Yes, it’s a long time to be blogging! But I do feel a little smug that I was blogging before it became ‘mainstream’ lol!

  7. Random says:

    Pleased to see you back. v impressive weight loss. it must cost a fortune in clothes to keep up with your new slimmer life!

    • Lemonpillows says:

      It was difficult, yes! Though that’s where Primark, Asda and Marks and Spencers value jeans come in handy…

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