Targets and deadlines

Well, I’m in a bit of a funk at the moment. I have quite a few deadlines all within 2 weeks, so I’m really busy. My Microteach went ok. I didn’t fail, so that’s a start! I’m pleased with the feedback I did get, as the things they picked up on were things I would normally have done. Due to some ‘head in sand’ days and some other work deadlines, I didn’t leave enough time to prepare and so didn’t do everything I had wanted to. But it went alright, so that’s good. (I taught the class about the geography of the North East and the words we use) Now I have to finish off all the assignments by the end of the week. Everything is due in on Monday, but I’d really like the weekend off! I have a cold and I’m really tired, so could do with some sleep!

I bought myself a new lens last week too. I got a Nikon 50mm f/1.4 lens and the quality is excellent! There are some photos up on my Flickr page from the weekend if you want to check it out.

So, whilst I am in a bit of a mad period, I thought I’d put up my targets for 2011. These targets can be added to at any time..

  1. Do a half Marathon (I have entered into the ballot for the Great North Run)
  2. Learn a martial art
  3. Submit a photograph to a competition
  4. Go abroad
  5. Climb an indoor climbing wall
  6. Spend less and save more money (not going well so far!)
  7. Have a holiday
  8. Make 2 new friends
  9. Wear a dress
  10. Do the London to Brighton cycle ride
  11. Raise some money for charity (If I get on a half marathon or the cycle ride, this will be sorted!)
  12. Set a date for the wedding
  13. Donate Blood for the first time (already booked in for February)
  14. Find a style
  15. Learn how to cook 3 more meals
  16. Try out canoeing
  17. Be able to do 20 press ups
  18. Decorate the house
  19. Read all of the biographies I have on the shelf
  20. Read all three of the Dragon Tattoo books
  21. Learn to make a fire without a match
  22. Learn some first aid skills
  23. Know the capital cities of every country
  24. Get to target weight and maintain for 3 months

Bit of a longish list, but all achievable! I have made a start on some of them already. I think it’s a good idea. Hopefully it will stop me from just stupefying this year. I have a copy of these on my phone, so I can keep looking at them and making sure I’m working towards some targets. And they would be a good list of achievements to look back on at the end of the year.


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