The Long Drive

Well, I drove back up north for Christmas today. The journey was EPIC. I hit traffic just outside of Slough, then on the M40, then on the M25 and then on the M1. I hit standstill traffic, sleet, snow, rain and then my wipers and screen wash things froze up! The journey took 2 hours longer than it should have, but at least I got here safely :)

I have been forced to eat a butterfly cake already. Christmas has started! Tomorrow will be relaxing, going for an explore to see if anything’s changed and drinking tea! :)

Woo hoo!

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3 Responses to The Long Drive

  1. Dad says:

    So Glad you made it home safe, I was worried. The A1 may be better next time rather than the M1. Have a lovely Xmas and give my love to everyone. Southern Softie. Ha-Ha.
    ps: sorry K has to work and is alone but sure you will both make up for it in New Year.
    Love Always. xxxxxxx

  2. So does that mean it really is grim up north??

    I am glad you have made it there safely and I hope you have a great Christmas.

  3. lemonpillows says:

    It actually got a lot better the further north I went. I saw more gritters, clearer roads, better lighting and much less traffic! So on this occasion, I have to conclude that it was grimmer down south.. However, it IS colder up here and everything on my car froze. So.. depends on your definition of ‘grim’ :)

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