It’s all yellow..

I got my hair done yesterday. I really like the cut, and the hairdresser shaved a really nice design into my hair. And it’s.. yellow. Not blonde, not platinum. Not white. It’s YELLOW. I’m pretending that I MEANT for it to be that colour. It’s kinda gold with platinum tips. I suppose it’s kinda christmassy. but still. Yellow?

I do love to be different..

In other news, I’m currently nearly finished The Present. I’m about two thirds of the way through the final stage. Yay!! I am NEVER doing a present like this again. So much WORK!

It has also been snowing quite heavily in this area of the world. Our road is an ice rink and my poor car has been skidding and sliding around and hitting the kerb over the last 2 days. I stayed out of my car for 3 days, hoping it would thaw, but eventually I HAD to go out and had to brave the conditions. Then I got stuck in the awful traffic on the A4. It took me 2hours to do less than 3miles. I feel sorry for the poor souls who spent as long as 10hours in that jam. Luckily I made it home without weeing myself and had bought some snacks at Tescos, so I survived.

I am driving up north tomorrow for Christmas. I’m going to miss Mrs Pillows, but we are having our own Christmas on New Years Day. She is working all over Christmas and doesn’t have a day off until New Year. So that’s why we’re having our Christmas then. I was hoping to set off on my journey at around 10am tomorrow, but seeing as The Present is not finished yet, I may have to delay that as I imagine I won’t get to bed until 2.30am at the earliest. I have packed most of the stuff I need but I’m still stressed out about the drive. (as always)

Right.. the computer is yelling at me to leave it alone, so I’d better go and do something else useful. Maybe I should put together my ‘snow survival pack’ for tomorrow.

Merry Christmas dudes and dudettes :)

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  1. Happy Christmas! I hope you have a safe journey up north. At least if you get lost in a snow drift your yellow hair should be easy to spot!

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