Poorly bad :(

I have SO much to update. It has been so long since I wrote that I cannot remember what I need to update you on! I stopped the daily tweets, as it seemed like cheating a bit, and would also drown out any other posts I was making. I vowed to write more often, but that didn’t happen, eh?

I’m still really busy at work, but have been off this week as I have a really nasty cough. My ribs ache, my head aches, my shoulders ache, my chest is sore and my throat is sore. I also coughed so hard yesterday that a bit of vomit came out of my nose :( I am thoroughly fed up of it all and have SO much to do at work, now is NOT a good time to be ill :( My boss is on holiday and it means that the project is having to pay someone else to cover duty while I’m off sick. Not good :(

Anyway. I didn’t get the previous job I went for. I managed to get some feedback from the interviewer which was all positive. And not really much use! He couldn’t tell me why they chose the other person over me and couldn’t tell me in which areas I was weaker. He just kept on saying ‘That’s why there are 3 people on the panel’. So I guess it wasn’t a unanimous decision from that. Anyway, it was the right decision, as I don’t think the job was right for me.

I watched Torchwood for the first time on Monday. I have never been a fan of Dr Who and have never before watched Torchwood, but I really liked it! I now have it on series link :) (but I’m still NOT going to be converted to Dr Who.)

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