The Daily Tweet

  • 01:09 Can’t sleep again. Thinkin about work and things I really need to get done. Think I need an ‘off’ switch4my brain! :) #
  • 10:31 On way in to work. Wanna just go to beachy head and cry. Am so down today :o s #
  • 10:51 I guess Twitter is updating Facebook again! #
  • 11:21 – Early birthday presents. Yay! #
  • 13:13 Mm lunch. Really hungry. Feel bit better as am being productive. #
  • 14:21 I’m sick of waiting. It’s 2.30pm and no news. Should I email to find out? #
  • 14:43 One vote for calling them and asking for feedback and one vote for not contacting. #
  • 15:21 I called. Guy not in. He has a Blackberry so just emailed. Not looking great :( #
  • 17:18 I didn’t get the job :( #
  • 17:54 Maybe this is a sign that I should look for a job with less of a commute! :) #
  • 18:03 I have a HUGE angry, hurty spot on my leg. But it won’t pop. Annoying! #
  • 18:51 Anyone know of a good place to eat in Hastings on Monday evening? Must do great Vegetarian food! #
  • 19:49 – It’s the weekend. Yay! #
  • 21:56 Drunk in charge of oven food. Brill! :) #
  • 22:36 I’m drunk. Wicked! Now how does one stop falling asleep once inebriated? #

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