Brain wobbles

I’ve not written in a while again. I’ve just been so so busy with work that I haven’t had time to do anything. However, things should ease off a little for a while, so that’s good. All the new agents are trained and I’m in the process of going out to visit all the clients. THen I’ll need to visit and interview all the new agents, then introduce them to the clients. So lots of visits to come, but I’ve just had 5 days off over the bank holiday weekend and I’m taking it easy at work until Friday, when all my visits start.

I suppose the ‘lots of visits’ period has come at the right time as Mrs Pillows is moving in 2 weeks. Well, a week and a half really. THis weekend will be her last here in the flat. It’s going to be hard, so maybe spending lots of time at work will be a good distraction.

We spent the weekend in Slough over the bank holiday and it was nice. I mowed the lawns, we moved some stuff in and set up a bed for Mrs P when she moves in and we just had the windows open on a lovely day. It was nice. Natural light, a secure back garden and a whole house to enjoy.

I need to get a job!! There is another one I really really want. It’s in TOTALLY the wrong area – a 2 hour commute each way – but it’s just ME. It’s a job I would really enjoy and I could see myself making a difference. I’d hope they might be negotiable on flexible working, which would be good. BUt I have to apply first! I’m having problems with the application form. I’m really struggling with the person spec. There are only a few points to address, but for some reason it just seems so difficult to do at the moment. THe closing date is this Friday at noon, so I just have tomorrow to do it really. At work…

I did get a phone call today from a person who interviewed me for the previous job. She said that basically, I had come second out of 52 candidates who applied for the job. The person who got the job just had more experience with the client group. So that sounds ok. She gave me one tip for the future, which will be useful. So in a way, it’s a confidence boost, but I’m still not feeling too confident!

Meh. Maybe I’m just tired. I have low self-confidence at the moment and there’s lots going around in my head with Mrs Pillows moving and the search for a job. I’m finding it really difficult to carry on at work when I know I’m looking elsewhere. It feels like I’m lying to people. I’m having to plan a year ahead, knowing full well that I don’t even want to be there that far ahead. I know that my employer wouldn’t give the same respect for me if they were thinking of pulling the funding. (in fact, they didn’t. I found out by accident), but I suppose I’m just always honest about these things. Maybe I’m too honest for my own good.

Right. I’d better go and have a wash before bed. Need to be on form to fill in this application tomorrow..

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  1. Kahless says:

    Hope you got your app in in time and that you are successful.

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