Day off

Well, I actually do have a day off tomorrow. I decided that, as Mrs Pillows was off this week, I should at least spend one day with her, so decided to take one of my flexi days tomorrow. Woo hoo! We plan to go to Brighton to a ‘big bra’ shop and to a travel agency to book a holiday!

I’m really really excited as this will be my first ever proper holiday abroad! I have been abroad before, but never for a holiday. It has always been for a foreign exchange trip or study where I have to attend some sort of schooling and write reports and such like. I have been to Amsterdam once with family for a couple of days, but it was so lonely and depressing I don’t really remember much about it except sitting in my hotel room and crying. But two weeks..two weeks on a Greek island in September. Heaven! It is so much money though. I don’t understand how people can afford this type of thing every year. I have never been able to afford it before. We *are* going during and expensive month for that particular place, but I don’t care! Memories are made up of things you do, not how much you had in your savings account each year!

At work, I had THREE people in yesterday to help me with my admin! One during the morning and two in the afternoon. Mrs Pillows, being a bit of a whiz with admin, came in and helped me with some vital archiving. I now have space to file most of the stuff sitting in piles in my cupboard and also now have lockable drawer space for my stuff! Bonus! I do like having the help, but I found it REALLY difficult telling people what to do. They are doing this work on a voluntary basis to gain some experience, so it’s not like they are being paid to be there. I tried really hard not to be all apologetic and saying thank you too much, but I’m not sure how I did! Letting go of work is hard and trusting someone else to do something for me felt painful! I think I’ll get used to it though :) There will be 2 of them, both coming in once a week to help out. Brill!

In other news, I repinkified my hair today. It’s neon, but cool. I have to redye it every couple of weeks as I end up with blonde,brown and pink blotchy hair! It’s hard work being this cool… :)

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3 Responses to Day off

  1. Kahless says:

    Oh, to be cool. What a feeling eh.

  2. sarah d says:

    Holiday – brilliant! Two important Greek phrases to reemember are: “Thelo bierra” and “malaka”. The first means I want a beer and the second is calling someone a wanker, but Greeks call each other this all the time. Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Kahless says:

    I have been to Greece once and a Greek man told me to use the word “malaka”

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