A few things

I have a few things to blog about, but have not had chance to get to my computer, so I will put some ideas out there and maybe follow up on them in a later post.

I saw a documentary about the North-South divide yesterday. It is still an economic and cultural reality in the 21st century, despite the mass media, instant communication and ease of travel. It got me wondering why it is that northerners have this ‘regional’ pride that southerners don’t have. I identify as a ‘northerner’ despite living in the south, yet southerners don’t even consider themselves ‘southern’. Why is that? And why do I get so defensive when this issue comes up? Something worth pondering I suppose..

Second ponder point is about this notion of ‘common sense’. It makes me SO MAD when people use this phrase. It doesn’t bloody exist! Common sense is NOT passed down in the womb through the placenta. Common sense is what you are taught and what you learn. A builder’s common sense will be different to an academic’s, which will be different to a lawyer’s. It is a phrase /tool used to make someone feel small and useless. A way to ‘bring someone down a peg or two’. It is a tool for frustrated managers and parents to beat their employees and children with when they don’t know something they were never taught in the first place! I HATE that phrase. Anyone tells me I have no common sense it’s a sure fire way to make me really mad. Which in practice means that I will cry for a while and not talk to you for a bit. Until I feel guilty for being so mean and cave in. (Yes, I’m a big wimp).

Thirdly, just because I am self aware and honest about my emotions does not make me stupid. If you tell me to ‘stop being so bloody stupid’, it tells me that you are either emotionally immature or are sacred of my honesty and don’t know how to respond. So instead of being honest and saying that you don’t know how to respond, you would rather tell me I’m stupid. Fine. You have just made me mad. Which means I will go away and cry for a while and not speak to you for a bit until I feel guilty for being so mean and cave in.(seeing a pattern here?). But I am NOT STUPID JUST BECAUSE I HAVE FEELINGS AND KNOW HOW TO EXPRESS THEM. (folds arms and sulks for a bit).

This post is not exactly as flowing as I had hoped as I am writing this on my mobile and have already lost and had to rewrite a large chunk of it. Back to work tomorrow. Lots and lots of hours for the next 2 months. Joy oh joy. I’ve had no response from the jobs I applied for so I assume I’m not getting an interview. I’m still looking, so there’s still hope. I just want to move to the house now. I want sunlight in the windows, a back garden, a driveway and somewhere I can decorate. I’m losing belief in my job and the service and that isn’t good. I am tired of all the work. I am also tired of my car being vandalised where I currently live. This time someone has kicked off the wing mirror and housing. That will have taken a few kicks as the housing is moulded to the car. Bastards.

Anyway. I have moaned on enough and it’s past my bedtime. Maybe I’ll be in a better mood tomorrow!

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4 Responses to A few things

  1. lksn says:

    RE : North-South divide
    I met a southerner recently who told me that she considered herself and the way she spoke to be “normal” and the rest of us folk from the north to be weird. Perhaps it is this conception of being “normal” that keeps southerners from having regional pride – they don’t see that they have to have it.

  2. Oscar's Staff says:

    I am a southerner and would certainly see myself as having regional pride even though I have lived north of watford gap for 15 years and work in the North East. Guess everyone is different! x

  3. c64glen says:

    I’m in 100% agreement about ‘common sense’ most people confuse experience for this fabled ‘common sense’.

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