I’m off to a rebranding session today. Company has changed its name and we all now need to be taught how to answer the phone apparently. I’m just looking forward to some free stuff (hopefully). I am getting a lift from the office from new boss-half an hour in a car alone with her. It’s a little bit scary. What if I need to fart??

I am back on the diet properly now. I rejoined another club last week as I just could not get home from work in time to get to my other group. So this new group is near work. I was weighed and am still about half a stone lighter than when I first started, so that’s a result! Unfortunately though I can’t make it this week as I’ve booked an appointment to get my hair done instead. I’m training new agents for the next 2 weekends, see. So I want my purple and pink hair back! I’m going to get it bleached and cut on Thursday and then Kate and I will put the dye on on Friday.

I am on the train again. I much prefer getting the train to work than driving. Driving is so stressful round here. And when I get to work, there’s nowhere to park! I would like my own private train carriage though please. I ALWAYS end up sitting with someone snivelling and coughing through the journey. I can feel the germs hitting my chest now. I’m scared of getting ill before this weekend – I need to be on top form for training and all these commuters are trying to infect me!!

Anyway. Rebranding. I have homework I haven’t done. I have to find an example of something written in negative language and something written in positive language and take it in as an example. Easy. I’ll take in the daily mail and a ‘Pride of Teesside’ story from the local paper up :)

Right. I need to get to battle stations to protect myself from all the train germs. Cheerio!

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