Hair story

I have new hair! (again)

As I’m training new agents this weekend, I thought I should make a bit of an effort and tidy my hair up. So I made an appointment at the local hairdressers to have it cut and bleached so that I could re-do my hair at home with my purple and pink temporary colours.

I managed to get out of work on time and get to my appointment. I tried to explain what kind of style I wanted, but eventually gave up and waited for Mrs Pillows to join me so she could explain better. I started on the bleach while we were waiting for her.
While the bleach was taking, we decided roughly on a style and I had a cup of tea. After not very long, the bleach had done its job. It was washed off and dried ready for a cut.
After having my hair dried, the stylist showed me some bright pink hair dye they had in stock which was semi-permanent. I had never seen any semi-permanent bright dye before and had gotten sick of having to redo my hair at home every couple of weeks as the temporary dye faded away. So I was interested! My original plan had been to go into work with bleached hair and then put the temporary dye on the next night ready for my training. Mrs Pillows agreed it would be a good idea to get the pink done there and then and do away with all the hassle of doing it ourselves, so they started to colour my hair (there were two of them doing my hair at this point. It was late and I was the last but one customer). Half way through, they asked me what I thought of having the back of my hair coloured purple at the bottom. I said it maybe sounded like a good idea. The stylist then breathed and said that they had run out of pink dye and so it would be good if I liked the idea of purple at the back! So purple it was to be. They both proceeded to finish off my hair with the purple dye.

At this point Mrs Pillows was not pleased and was giving me worried looks as if I was in need of great pity. I told her to stop looking at me like that as she was scaring me and making me worry about the outcome. She then proceeded to tell me that the line between the pink and purple dyes wasn’t level and it looked a bit weird. I said that it was too late now and that it was fine. She still looked really worried, but now tried to hide it a bit.

So, after the dye was washed off it was time to cut the hair. I am the WORST customer in the world at the hairdressers as I don’t quite know what I want and can’t explain my ideas very well. I usually give up and tell the stylist to do whatever they want to! However, Mrs Pillows was on hand to offer advice and remind me of my previous complaints about my hair cuts so we could get it right this time. And I think we have.
I love it!

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2 Responses to Hair story

  1. Kahless says:

    Groovy pink!!

    What does the purple look like at the back after the cut?

  2. Lemonpillows says:

    Faded I’m afraid. I think I’m going to complain. It has really started to fade after only one wash! Not good :(

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