A view of home

I have spent this weekend doing nothing much really. I managed to ‘reset’ my body clock by staying up all night on Thursday and got to work on Friday. On Friday night, K and I went food shopping, then came home and watched some t.v. before bed. Saturday I stayed in bed for a lie in and then got up and edited some photographs to upload onto Facebook. Then we walked along the seafront to the cinema. I took a couple of hundred photographs while walking along as the sunset was beautiful. We *did* make it to the cinema on time and saw ‘The Storyteller’. I liked it. But K, being a big cynic, was not convinced.

Today I have done not very much of anything to be honest. I edited more photographs and uploaded to facebook and I have backed up my photographs onto dvd. I’m just about to go in the shower and get myself all ready for work tomorrow. A full week of work – with lots of meetings. I’ll be dead on my feet by the end of it!

But I shall be returning to fatclub tomorrow, so we shall see how much weight I have put on over Christmas. (a not inconsiderable amount, judging by the tightness of my clothes!). I still have no resolutions, apart from maybe to lose weight. But I started that one before this year, so I’m not sure if that counts as a resolution or not.

Anyhoo. I must get myself off and ready for the week ahead.

Toodle pip!

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