Monday Monday

A beautiful sunset

A beautiful sunset

Well, back to work again. A full week. And it started badly. Well, actually, that depends on when you class the day as starting really..

I could not get comfortable last night. I managed to fall asleep at around 5am, only to be woken by my alarm at 7am. Joy. But then K came in with some tea and some toast (gem that she is!), and that cheered me up a little.
The car started, despite the snow, which was positive. The traffic to work was AWFUL though. Some digger thingy decides it wants to trundle along the main road along the coast at 35mph (it’s a 60mph zone). Then the queues to get into town were REALLY long. I got to work and there was nowhere to park. I found somewhere after circling for around 10 minutes.

I got into work and broke my chair again. I put the wheels back on, and it broke again. So I put tip-ex on the wheels that had come off, to check whether it was the same wheels breaking again. It was. THey fell off again BEFORE the tip-ex was dry. So I had to put them back on again and got tip-ex all over my hands. And Tip-ex doesn’t come off your hands. (You learn something new every day eh?).

I spent most of the day in the office doing not very much of anything to be honest. Everyone was getting on my nerves – just by being there! I had a huge urge to just shout at everyone. I didn’t. I escaped to a meeting at 2.30. That only lasted until around 3.30, so I drove home after that. Did some work at home and stressed out about other stuff I’m doing.

I went to Fatclub too. I have only put on 5 and a half pounds over Christmas, so that’s not too bad. I still weigh less than I did when I first went there, so that’s positive :)

I also found out that I’m not the only one at work feeling negative vibes from the other half of the office. We got a new ‘recruit’ to our little camp in the office today, which was nice. She’s a nice lady, so it should be fun! I also arranged to use up all of my remaining annual leave before I lose it. I’m taking quite a few days leave between now and the end of March, and I’m STILL carrying over 5 days into next year! Bonus!

Right. I should go. I’ve been sitting at this here computer for hours now and I have bum cramp!

Laters dudes!

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  1. Kahless says:

    Yes, definately a beautiful sunset.

    Its hard getting back into the swing of work after christmas isnt it?

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