And I was trying to do the right thing!!

Bloody hell! I thought, you know, I’m a grown up. I’ll stop downloading torrents before I buy the cds and I’ll actually just pay for the singles I want. That’s the RIGHT THING TO DO. Right? So first, I’m looking for somewhere to download some singles I want. Amazon. I have to download Amazon downloader. Sod that! HMV – not compatible with Firefox. iTunes – have to download the iTunes bloatware to use it. Napster – have to sign up to some unlimited trial (but where you sign up, I have no idea.). So eventually I plump for Tescos as it looks like I can just download what I want and go.

But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I find (AFTER DOWNLOADING), that I have to actually use Tesco’s own media downloader thingy. Ok. So I’ve paid for the tracks already, I might as well download it. Fine. I’ve got my music. Now I’m trying to put the tracks onto my mp3 player and there’s NO WAY to get them on there!! Firstly, I HAVE to open them in Windows Media Player (which I HATE with a PASSION). And then I can’t even convert them to mp3 to put on my mp3 player!

Is there a site out there that will just let me download an mp3 and then let me put it onto any mp3 player or cd that I want to? Where I don’t have to download some stupid ‘download helper’??

I gave up in the end and went back to bit torrent. Took me 5 minutes. (though I couldn’t find 2 of the tracks that I wanted). Why do I bother??

In other news.. (I know I haven’t updated in ages). Over 3 weeks I lost 11lb on my diet. Then the ‘Christmas Season’ came along with lots of chocolate – so the diet is on hold at the moment. We are travelling up north tomorrow morning and I should be in bed. I wanted to leave at around 11 or noon. Have a relaxing morning and just pootle on up there. But NOOOOOOOOO. We are dropping by Slough to drop off presents etc first. So we’ll be stuck in Heathrow traffic for HOURS.

Can you tell I’m a little STRESSED about Christmas people?? (and that’s WITHOUT the stress of organizing a Christmas PArty which happened last night. ) I WANT a CIGARETTE!!


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