As the universe goes into a new phase in the Mayan calendar, my hair changes AGAIN

I’ve been meaning to blog for DAYS. But every time I get to the
computer, I have something else to do!

I’ve been testing out this ‘posting by email’ gubbins, and hopefully
this will work ok without too many major hiccups. I’ve also dyed my
hair. Purple and pink. There’s a big pink patch at the front, then the
rest is purple. And it’s REALLY bright. I love it! I can’t seem to get
the dye out of my fingernails though. I’ve scrubbed with soap and used
toner, but it’s still there. My hands and my ears seem clear now, but
my nails are still purple :( Well, I suppose it saves on nail varnish!

I’ve been in quite a good mood for the past few days. I’m starting to
get over the fact that I didn’t get the job. It’s still frustrating
sometimes that I know more than she does about the actual job, but
she’ll get on her feet eventually. She doesn’t officially start for a
few weeks, so I’m kinda still in charge. (only when new and old
managers don’t want the task though).

In other news, K and I went to the Gay Wedding Show in Brighton this
weekend. (we did go last weekend too, before turning up at the venue
and discovering we’d come on the wrong day). We were a little
disappointed though. It was all so very traditional and ‘normal’. We
don’t want ‘normal’. We want something colourful and happy and fun.
Rainbow coloured ballons and lots of camp sparkles. There was NOTHING
of the sort there. We *did* pick up some leaflets from some
photographers, but that’s about it really.

And this week, we also joined FatClub. We joined on Monday evening at
the local group, then started the diet on Tuesday. We had a great big
pizza and some curly fries and onion rings on Monday night as a final
‘blow out’. The next day we both felt as if we had a hangover and
we’ve both had stomach cramps and been stuck on the toilet. We’re not
sure if it’s the pizza, or the All Bran the next morning that’s making
us a bit ill. I know my body’s probably in shock at the moment.
Healthy eating. We hope to get swimming again this week too. I really
miss swimming as it was so much fun..

I went to my ‘group therapy’ session yesterday. It was only the 2nd
session, but as only 2 of us have turned up, the ‘group’ is being
cancelled. The therapist has offered us both 8 individual sessions
each and we’re still on the waiting list for the next group, but it’s
still not great. I’ve been in and out of therapy since I was 14. What
bloody difference is 8 sessions going to make? I’m really cheesed off.
I want a GROUP. That’s the thing that has helped me the most in the
past. I just want to get better. I’ve changed my pills, started
healthy eating, hopefully starting more exercise, but I need the
therapy to go with it too. Meh!

But overall, I’m doing good. I’ve moved desks at work, so I’m sitting
next to a lady I actually get on with. It’s a lot quieter over here
and I can actually get more work done. I also have a bigger desk! Yay!
I will get used to the new manager. I’m sure she’ll do a good job. I
only have one problem with her, and that’s her close friendship with
someone else in the office. (meaning I don’t trust my new manager at
all due to this), but I’ll talk to her about this and see what
reaction I get. She already tried to get someone else moved desks so
that her friend could sit next to her. The person currently in that
desk refused – on Health and Safety grounds so they can’t do anything!
yay! (I would have been SO miserable if she had succeeded – I actually
thought about leaving if it happened – I’d be so miserable!)

Anyway. Outlook is positive, despite a dodgy tummy and purple
fingernails. Now let’s see if I can get this to post!

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