Back to life, back to reality – at last!

Footprint on the beach

Footprint on the beach

I know I’ve been away for a long time now. I just got more and more down for a while there and didn’t really want to be just coming on here and moaning about everything. In total I had 7 weeks off work with depression and trying to get my medication sorted. I went back on Monday.

So what has happened in the weeks since my last post? Well, K and I looked after mum’s dogs for a while, which was nice. I do miss doggy cuddles now that they are gone, but it’s really good not to have the responsibility for a while! I managed to get outside nearly every day. (I think there were only 2 days when I didn’t manage to get out of the house). I managed to do a really intensive clean of the house, which made me feel better. I finally got around to do a review on my debt management plan. I’ve been on it for over a year now and the creditors were calling for a review. I have increased my payments and finally added my last debt to the list, so I feel much better about that. It’s so good to know that it’s being dealt with. All I have to do is pay a certain amount per month and they all get paid. It will take about 5 years still to pay off, but it’s worth it.

I went back to work on Monday, and things have been o.k. I’m only on part-time hours for 2 weeks, then I’ll go back full time. But I’m feeling positive about it all. I was exhausted by the end of Thursday, when I worked from 10 until after 5pm (when I’m meant to do 10-2), but I’m looking forward to getting that ‘Friday feeling’ back.

On Friday evening, K and I went for a cycle along the seafront. It was nice, except very painful. And my seat (the new one I ordered from Germany) kinda fell off halfway through our ride. I think I’m going to have to find some way of strapping up my boobs before cycling. The cycling position isn’t ideal for me and I was in SO much shoulder pain when I got back I vowed never to go cycling again until we find some strong bandages!

On Saturday we both went swimming, to the local ladies night. Well, swimming is a bit of a generous term really. We spent the hour doing roly-polys, handstands, swimming to the bottom and just floating and messing around. Anyway – it was exercise and it was great fun! I definitely want to go again :)

I also got my hair cut on Saturday. I now have spiky hair. I already had it dyed purple before going back to work. I made it into a mohican last night and went to the chinese take away to show it off. Today, I need to experiment more. I need to decide how to do my hair for work tomorrow!!

So things are MUCH better for me at the moment. The new medication has DEFINITELY kicked in and is working well. I’m laughing again and I’m enjoying things. This week at work I’ll be working slightly longer hours, and I’ll be driving too, so we’ll see how well I feel at the end of this week.

Altogether though, things are going well :) Any tips and advice for cycling for someone with incredibly heavy boobs would be much appreciated. I don’t really want a ‘sit up and beg’ bike. It’s not cool and I want to go ‘off road’ eventually. Otherwise, I’ll be breaking out the gaffa tape…

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2 Responses to Back to life, back to reality – at last!

  1. Dad says:

    Just raise the Handlebars an inch or 2, it will make all the difference.
    Glad things are getting back on track.
    Love Dad. xxxx

  2. lksn says:

    Glad you’re feeling a bit better.

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