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I’m really really busy at work at the moment. I’m trying to get round to see everyone before I’m off for 2 days moving house, then for a week. I had around 13 clients I needed to see, plus agents. I’m getting there, but it’s 12-hour days at the minute trying to fit it all in. And yeah, the end of the financial year has something to do with it too! Targets. Not that it makes much difference as to whether I have a job next year or not. Meh.

I got in tonight to find a few letters. One from the Doctor asking me to come in for a ‘repeat blood test’ tomorrow after 4pm. Erm. No thanks. 1. I have a job. 2. You haven’t told me why you want to repeat the test. And 3. It was a fasting blood test anyway!

I also got a letter from my current letting agents ‘reminding’ me that my contractual rental period is from the 12th to the 11th of the month and that I’ll need to pay them some money as I’m vacating the property on the 25th. Erm.. Hello? I’ve already paid the money for those 2 weeks thank-you-very-much! Trying to weasel more money from me. I’m selling the landlord my curtains for half the price they’re worth! Pah! Bloody landlords!

So tonight I decided to depress myself some more and buy my tax disc online. I’ve just paid out a stupid amount of money for a year’s tax on my car. I’ve handed over SO much money over the last week it’s quite scary.

But I did buy me some nice new shoes yesterday. It was in celebration of getting a lunch hour! Usually I have to eat my lunch at my desk, but yesterday, I walked into town. I saw some shoes I LOVE and have been drooling over for ages. They were half price! So I HAD to buy them. I don’t have any really supportive shoes at the moment so I needed to find some. They’re proper walking shoes, Gore-Tex and waterproof and with arch support and everything! Great!

In other news…. I really don’t think Kirsty Young is cutting it as a Crimewatch presenter. What happened to the old team??? Gutted! :(

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2 Responses to Stresssssssssss

  1. peach says:

    hey – thanks for the pimping !

    peach x

  2. me says:

    Just think nice thoughts, you will be in your new flat very soon……………something to look forward to………….

    Good luck!!!

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