Just a quickie..

Just a quick one as I’m at work (after hours) updating. The move went ok: the removal men started at about 9.20am and finished around 4.15pm. So it took a whole day! The new flat is lovely, but smells of wood and paint and I can’t find anything!

Yesterday our new fridge-freezer was delivered, so tonight I’m off to Tescos for a mega shop. We’ve run out of virtually everything, so I have a HUGE shopping list. I’m not looking forward to getting it back to the flat. I can’t park outside where we live, so it’ll be a few trips to get it inside!

All in all the flat is lovely – fantastic water pressure, posh taps, laminate floors (dark wood), solid walls, very quiet, and WARM! You put the heating on, and 10mins later the place is warm!! Amazing!

Right. Well, I’d better go. Time to brave the traffic and the Friday night Tescos shoppers..

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2 Responses to Just a quickie..

  1. Tesco Online is the answer and they are running a deal at the moment where you get £10 off your first shop, if you spend over £50. They’d deliver it to your door as well.

    Glad the move went well. The new place sounds lovely!

  2. Spudgy says:

    I’ll second that…….they’ll even bring the stuff into your kitchen!!

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