Criminal tendencies.

Yeah, so today, in casual conversation, K says to me: “oh! I got stopped by the police yesterday!”
“Did you?” I ask. “What for?” (knowing that her car isn’t working at the moment so it can’t be a random traffic stop)
“Well.. I was outside work at about quarter to 11 at night waiting for Mr B to come back, and I was getting bored, so I decided to stand at next door’s window to see what R was watching on tv. At that precise moment, a police car drove past. They got out and asked me why I was looking through windows and what was I up to!”

A peeping Tomette in a rainbow teacosy hat. And a bright orange and green fleece. And stripy socks. Indeed.

This is on top of being stopped on the beach with a can of cider last year. (though K very skillfully hid her can and let her friend take the rap!)

My girlfriend is a criminal.

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