Poorly bunny

I currently have ‘poor bunny’ status. Despite the fact that K has been coughing now for over 2 months. I have ‘Man Flu’. I’ve had that thing they talked about in the news I think. Tummy problems. And then heavy cold symptoms. Bleurgh!

I HAVE to go back to work tomorrow though, as I have to do a training weekend next weekend! And there’s so much to do! Even though I feel like poo.

But Christmas. And New Year. Christmas was good. I hope everyone out there had a relatively relaxing time. K and I went Oop North for Christmas to my mum’s house. Big news is that on Christmas Eve, K and I became engaged! We went out to walk the dogs, and while the dogs were running around off their leads (in an enclosed, special ‘dogs can be off their leads here’ area), K produced a ring and asked me to marry her. And I said yes! I have a lovely ring (currently being exchanged for a different size as I’d measured myself incorrectly) and an excuse for a party!

So we’ll have to organize an engagement party, and then a wedding some time in 2009. (gives us time to save up some money). We’re looking for themes for the wedding. It’s not going to be a traditional event. It’s all about who we are and about having fun. Hence jelly and ice cream and cheese on sticks and trifle in the buffet (which will be totally vegetarian so we can eat everything!). And we’ll have a bouncy castle. So yes. Themes. I’m sure I’ll keep you updated.

Boxing day we travelled down to K’s parents’ house for a Boxing Day Buffet and Trivial Pursuits. All very nice :) Apart from that, New Year was ok – I watched tv as K was at work New Years Eve. I was tired so really wasn’t up for any partying.

So, the New Year began with a few changes. An engagement for one. We’re also looking at moving to somewhere with double glazing and a garden. Down here we can only get a flat really, but that could be nice. We’ve been to see a couple of places already, but they were awful! We have another appointment for somewhere on Tuesday. And hopefully this will be a nice one! (it should be for the price of it!)

Right. I’m off now, as I bought myself series 6 of 24 on dvd out of my Christmas money. I’m wasting valuable time here when Jack Bauer could be saving the world!

Oh – and another thing – How smug do I feel now? With all the ‘give up smoking’ new year adverts on tv! I’ve been a non-smoker now for over 6 months. Go me! :)

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3 Responses to Poorly bunny

  1. You got engaged – yay!

    Sounds as though 2008 could be a good year for you. Let’s hope it’s a good one. Happy New Year!

  2. Glen says:

    Yeah. You deserve some happiness, wedded bliss should cover some of it.

  3. LKSN says:

    Congratulations on the engagement and the stopping smoking.

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