Decisions, decisions

Well, it’s all go isn’t it!

I went to work yesterday, still having a bit of a cold but feeling ok. I actually got there early! (for those of you who know me, you know how unusual that is!). But today, I woke up with a bad tummy again and could hardly speak due to having a chesty… something! No cough. Just impaired breathing. So I again called in sick (and sounded sick due to my chest) but have been working from home all day. There’s been a bit of a drama with one of my agents. Allegations and concerns and divided loyalties. Regional director and national agent coordinator have had to be involved, so my performance on this will be noted. And I was not in the best form as I was poorly! Anyhoo.. it is nearly sorted out now. We have devised a way to make the situation just ‘go away’. We can’t really do much without concrete proof of the allegation, and we can’t reveal who made the allegation in order to protect the safety of all involved. Ho hum. Just another day in the office eh?

I’m training some more new agents this weekend too, so I have to not be ill by then! I’m not as nervous as I was the first time I did it and I think it should go ok. And today’s episode just gives me another story to tell them all (of how NOT to do things..).

AND.. In other news.. K and I are moving!! We had an appointment to go and view a flat tonight, and it’s a beautiful place. 2 bedrooms, an outside space (which does have some soil as well as concrete) and a gas hob and wooden floors. We can’t have Sky tv and parking is difficult, but there is a communal aerial which you can get Freeview on and there are nearby streets which aren’t as packed for parking. And I have to learn to remember that I’m not in Middlesbrough any more – cars don’t get stolen as often here so I don’t need to worry as much about not being able to see my car! It’s also really near a couple of pubs and a shop, and very close to the train station. It’s also NOT up a big big hill, so walking into town or to the seafront is likely to be a more regular occurrence! All in all it’s a beautiful place. We will be moving in late February. Yay!

Also. I LOVE Asda. I went last night and bought a DAB radio for £25!! Bargain! Also got a new phone set for the flat as the phones we have are both dying. Got a cordless digital set with 2 phones and answer machine for under £30 quid. Asda is your friend.. Even if it is part of the evil Wal-Mart group.

Right. Well, I’d better get off and finish looking over my training package and wondering how long it’s going to take to pack everything away!

Ciao peeps!

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  1. LKSN says:

    Glad things are going well for you.

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