Preparation is EVERYTHING

Indeed it is. Preparation.

I’m the kind of person who needs to write lists. You know the one. The one who puts EVERYTHING into an outlook calendar and ‘invites’ you to important events via email to try and make you a bit more organized. The one who lists which pants to take away on holiday. Who has a separate compartment for ‘electrical chargers’ in a bag. The one who seems very tidy and organized until you look in the ‘everything else’ drawer (and find the deely boppers and the fake eyes, the farting powder and the imitation parking tickets).

I have SO much to do. But I’m SO tired. And have SO much to do! I was sitting here and thinking.. I have cleaning I’m supposed to be doing right now. Yeah. I said I’d do it, I know. But sorting out our music for the journey up north is just WAY more important. I have a few things to wrap. But, as the rest of the presents I’d bought ‘magically’ wrapped themselves the other day while I was at work, I might see if these ones do the same… I swear, it’s like the ‘man-sock’ zone in our flat. Leave something on the floor and it magically reappears in a drawer or cupboard or something. Amazing.

I have washing up to do. I have packing to do. I need to wash my hair and shower (coz I’m an ogre in the morning. I don’t DO mornings. ) I need to trim my beard.

And there I was getting stressed that I don’t have any time to do it (as I have TWO Christmas dos tomorrow!! Yes. TWO!! Greedy old me!), when it hit me, that the reason I’m so stressed is because I haven’t written a list. Lists solve everything.

Preparation, people. Preparation.

I never learn….

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5 Responses to Preparation is EVERYTHING

  1. K says:

    I had a look in the flat this morning and *poof* those gifts have self wrapped again. We either have 1. a ‘magic zone’ in the flat OR 2. some lady with a white face, black hair and red lips comes in, sings “la la la la” and all the ickle squirrels and mice run in and do the chores. So what do you think; 1 or 2?

  2. Glen says:

    lol, procastination is everything.

  3. Spudgy says:

    I’m going with choice 2. Have a good Christmas and drive safely xx

  4. LKSN says:

    Merry Xmas from a fellow obsessive list-maker.

  5. Magic Tricks says:

    Sweet article, I just jumped across it going through Connotea. Im a bit late though, I mean months late since you submitted it lol.

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