Still here :)

Firstly, thank you to everyone for your kind emails, texts and messages. I managed to get through the day, although I didn’t make it to London for my course.

Myself and K went out to a local country park for a walk, then we came home and ate pizza and cheesecake and I drank some of a can of lager. And I didn’t cry all day! It’s exhausting, all this crying!

I have just booked the car in for a service. Lots of money, but it will be worth it. It’s not going to last if I don’t service it now, is it? I decided to use a mechanic close to work. Someone here has had their car fixed by him and recommended him. So I feel a bit safer there.

I’m back at work today though, instead of being in London. I’ve managed to do a bit of work, but am still feeling a little tired and ‘useless’. But I’ve made a start, and that’s the hardest bit :) I’m trying to keep myself busy over the next week so I can actually feel a sense of achievement at having done some actual work! That will probably mean lots of visits out to agents and clients, but that’s quite a good thing :)

Right. I should get back to work then!

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