One day I will laugh about this…

So. In a dramatic *ahem* update to the previous post…. the car broke down on the way home. I got a jumpstart at work to get me going, and I thought it would be ok, what with not having to turn the engine off until I got home. But I was WRONG. Firstly the indicators stopped working. And then the speedometer. That was the really scary part! Then when I pulled up to some traffic lights, about 10 minutes from home, the bloody thing conked out on me!!! There we were – me and K, trying to reverse the car off this big junction and into a layby just behind us. There was a car in the layby though, so we had to reverse and then turn in behind the car.

We were very lucky in that a passing cyclist and some other big strong men on their way to the chip shop stopped to help push. And then 5 minutes later along comes a police car, lights flashing and stops next to us.

“Everything alright here?” said the man.
“Er.. yes.. thanks”
“What happened?”
“Well, we broke down and we’re going to call recovery”.
“Ah. Someone phoned in to say there had been an accident… involving a car and a cyclist..”
“ooooooooh.. No.. We broke down and the cyclist stopped to help us.”

Lots of shakes of the head and off they went. With the flashy lights turned off.

I called recovery. They said it would be about 90minutes before they got to us. Ok, I thought. That’s not so bad. So we wandered to the nearby park and sat and chatted while I mourned over the loss of my car.

An hour later, the customer service centre calls and says it’s more likely to be 2 hours before someone can be there.

Another hour and a half later, someone calls from the customer service centre and says that nobody is coming. The recovery driver has been held up and when he’s finished his current job, then he’s basically finished for the day. She offered to pay for a taxi to take us home. I refused and said I wanted my car back home too. I asked for someone to come and recover the car and us. She said she’d call someone and call me back to let me know.

10minutes later, a local recovery firm called up and said they’d be about 15minutes. Along came the recovery driver in his big lorry with the flashing lights, put my car on the back and drove us home. 2 and 3quarter hours after I first called the breakdown people!!! So, we didn’t get back home until after 9pm. Well cheesed off!

I have decided that I’m buying a new car. Well, a second hand one – as much as my savings will allow. I feel like I’m losing a friend by deciding to get rid of my car. She’s been very reliable up until this week.. But. Needs must, I’m afraid. I have sought a second opinion on whether it’s worth fixing the car. And the second opinion is in agreement that it’s not worth it.

Sorted then… Bit of a bad day all in all really! But I did get to sit in the big lorry with the flashing lights!! :) And I got photos! :)

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2 Responses to One day I will laugh about this…

  1. Spudgy says:

    You didn’t happen to get a picture of the policemen’s faces as well did you?!

    Glad your ok and well done for putting your foot down with the breakdown people.

  2. Oh dear, doesn’t sound ideal. I hope you manage to get it sorted soon. Perhaps now is the time to ask for a company car?!

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