Double Bugger!

I’ve just spent some of today going round to different garages and getting quotes for the work on my car. And the news isn’t good..

This is for the MOT work:

Welding: £220
Front bush thing: £167
Other ‘bits’: £60

The car also needs a new alternator at £165. I discovered this when it died on me this afternoon. I’d just been to a garage to get a quote and it wouldn’t start again. Battery is fine. But the alternator is buggered. AND it needs a new clutch. Though I might have a month or so left on the clutch, it will still need doing. I’ve been quoted £680 to do all the work apart from the clutch. The car was bought for £350 (plus some new tyres). Altogether it will need about £800 spending on it. Then on driving back from the garage, the indicators started to go funny and not ‘click’.. I think it might be time to say goodbye to my lovely baby and go and buy a new car… :(

I could go to a scrapyard for the Alternator. But how much would that save me? About £130 (when I figure in paying for labour to fit it). That still means I have to spend £670 on the car. And that’s about the limit of my savings at the moment.

So I have a car that won’t start without jump leads, a squeaky clutch and about a week and a half to either get a new car, sell this one or get it fixed. (the current MOT runs out on 3rd August). K has offered to let me use her car in the meantime.. though I’m only covered on her car as MY insurance is fully comprehensive. And if I don’t have a car, I don’t want to pay for insurance!

Decisions decisions…. and DOUBLE BUGGER!!

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