My car just failed it’s M.O.T. But it didn’t just fail. It failed spectacularly! It needs about £300 of work doing to it. A couple of bulbs changing, some new parts (something to do with suspension) ordering, and some welding doing in the 2 front wheel arches.

The money isn’t a problem.. I just feel wierd in the car now. I was all nervous leaving her there.. My poor baby being all man-handled. And she isn’t happy now. She’s in a mood and not driving very well.

So anyway. The next few days will be for getting quotes.. I need a good, trustworthy mechanic. Anyone??

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  1. Dad says:

    Hi Sweetheart,
    Drive it back up North if you have the time, Re test at the Bank top Garage (You will have to ring ahead to book a time)where we took it last year and find out what he says, (free re-test remember, then take it to just around the corner where we took the volvo and the metro (Phil will show you where it is. You will get the jobs done for about 25% of what it will cost down there and you get the chance to see your Mam and the dogs again, been a long time since were there eh! Good Luck. xxx

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