So So Tired..

I am. I’m REALLY really tired..

See, I can’t drink Caffeine. Some awful medical reason which I won’t go into here. But now I have no nicotine either, and I’m really really struggling in this warm weather with no stimulants :(

I still really really want a cigarette. I would have thought it would be easier by now – I’m onto day 5. But it isn’t. Do you think maybe it’s because I’m using NRT and not just giving up cold turkey? I know that with NRT, I’m still putting nicotine into my body, therefore I’m NOT nicotine free yet.. Maybe if i’d just gone cold turkey I’d be nicotine free now.. I don’t know!

Aaaaaaarghhhhhhhhh!! I just wanna go home and sleep.. and HAVE A CIGARETTE!!!

I want to cry..

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2 Responses to So So Tired..

  1. So… I feel it may not be going entirely well with the not smoking thing – EXCEPT you haven’t smoked a cigarette for several days AND you haven’t killed anyone. Yet. Sounds good to me.

  2. anxious says:

    Keep it up if you can! It’ll be worth it in the end…
    I went cold turkey but went away on holiday so that I wouldn’t be in my normal routine – I think that helped for the first few days. It was such a habit thing for me…

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