Feel my PAIN!!!

Blog Readers. I need you to sympathize. I need you to empathize. I need you to beat me round the head to give me something else to think about..

Today is my 4th Whole Day without a cigarette. And I’m feeling the pain :(

I’m sitting here at work, sucking on my little plastic nicotine stick looking extremely miserable. The nicotine stick just doesn’t cut it. I’m sucking and inhaling and I’m still not getting that nicotine satisfaction feeling.

Pah! I’m very much doubting whether I really want to give up smoking at the moment. I SO want a cigarette right now.. Even though K has promised that, if I get through to Saturday, she’ll take me to the cinema to see Shrek 3. And even though I’ve been through the moods and the bawling my eyes out and the getting snappy. (sorry, K). I STILL want a cigarette :(

Being at work is REALLY hard, because the people I get on with best are also smokers. AAAAARRRRGGGHHH.

Maybe later I’ll write up on here my REASONS for wanting to give up smoking. But we’re off to our 2nd Ballroom Dancing class later this evening, so I may not get time.. (yeah – we did the cha cha cha and the quickstep last week.. I could do it all apart from turning round corners. I need a REALLY big long room if I’m to ballroom dance at the moment…)

Oh I want a fag :(

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One Response to Feel my PAIN!!!

  1. Dad says:

    Hi Sweetheart,
    I know that I am not one to talk, as I am probably the cause of you starting to smoke in the first place, anyway a thought to think about everytime you feel like a fag which is what I tried to do when attempting to give up, Just think how knackered and out of breath you feel each time you climb a flight of stairs, and if you dont feel that yet you will do by the time you reach my age (38 and a bit) if you dont stop.
    Remember if Dot Cotton can do it so can you Ha-Ha.
    Also you should start a campaign on your web site and let it spread about this stupid non smoking rule in July. Why can they not just have smoking pubs and non smoking pubs, smoking restaurants and non smoking restaurants etc. Then people have freedom of choice. The way it is the UK is now a dictatorship not a democracy. Thats why I am in Belgium, the no smoking rule is in place there but people are just ignoring it, the same will happen in France and Holland. Do you know the first country (Rep Of Ireland was the first in 2003) to stop and over 400 pubs have closed down in those 4 years, how many peoples lives has that ruined, financially. PS any of those Irish reading want to buy a bar in Portugal? smoking still allowed.
    Love you and keep up the effort, it will always be hard but may get easier.
    Dad. xxxxx

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