Last day!

I’m on the train on my way to work for my last day..I’m armed with a bag full of the obligatory cakes and goodies and I’m now getting all excited.. I was a little worried for a while, as I found out on Thursday that I had to have a medical before I could start! Luckily though, there was a cancellation yesterday, so I drove 30miles to see a doctor,who was late and who was a prick, then drove 30miles back! At least it all turned out well in the end :) And its a bank holiday weekend after today, so I get three days to recover from whatever I drink tonight in the pub. People at work have never seen me drunk, so it may be interesting..

I’m going to miss the people when I leave. Because we have to work in such a close team, it’s going to be odd going back to independent working again. I’ll especially miss Shep. We have such a laugh, and he’s been my tea wench for the past couple of weeks..I’ll have to start making my own tea :)

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  1. Hope the last day goes really well. Feel free to send any left over cakes this way. Obviously just so I can help to mark your moving on too.

  2. Glen McNamee says:

    I find last days are always very hard, but I do tend to go a bit sentimental.

  3. afrochick says:

    Grrl, you blow me away! I’ve never left a comment before, but just wanted to let you know what a sooooper f*cking troooper you are- I know what it’s like when the blues are baying at the door (hell, at the ankles!)- and you’re totally turning it round for yourself. You’ve achieved so much, and I just know you’re going to carry on soaring, and it makes me so gosh darn happy honey, wish you knew!

    makes me wish I still lived in Brighton..and that I was a Gaydar Gyal (girlmeetsgirl gives NOTHING for free!)…and 30 wasn’t looming so large..

    But I digress – congrats! Happy Bank Hols! and THANK YOU for the honesty, the lack of bullshit, the foxy fuzzy shots of ya (yum..) and all the entertainment! You’re a fucking inspiration, and you make a difference to my days..(daze?)

  4. lemonpillows says:

    Thank you! That was such a nice comment.. I’m not really sure what to say… Except THANK YOU for reading. And I hope you had a happy bank holiday too :)

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