Coffee and Nicotine..

Well, today is my last day of smoking. It’s exactly six years ago today that I started the ugly habit, and tomorrow I will be nicotine-free.. I’m hoping I’ll manage to give up for good this time, and not just a few days.. I’m smoking myself sick tonight to give me even more of a chance.
To be honest, I’m sick of the smell, I’m sick of the taste and I’m sick of the feeling at the back of my throat when I’ve had a cigarette. It’s a good time to give up. I also know what it’s doing to my insides. And my teeth. And my fingers. Wish me luck!
On a different note, I was speaking to the Sugar Plum Fairy online last night and she GAVE ME HER NEW MOBILE NUMBER!! So I texted today, as I was at a loose end, asking if she fancied meeting up for coffee or something.. After a couple of texts back and forth (mainly me being paranoid that I was bugging her and that there was NO chance she’d actually want to meet up with me in the daylight), she said she would like to meet up for coffee some time soon! Woo Hoo!
I now have three weeks off Uni, as exams are finished for me, and then there’s an inter-semester break. I really need to get away somewhere. Have a break, but I don’t know what I can do on a virtually non-existent budget! There are a couple of projects that I’d like to get finished (and started!) while I have the time off, but I know I’ve gotta go SOMEWHERE! Just get away from all the stuff getting me down here.. Ideas on a postcard please!
And while I remember – I found some interesting and amusing stuff on the internet on Friday..
1) Online Smack n Bash Remember those games at the arcades at the Seaside we all used to play.. Where you got a mallet and had to hit these crocodiles coming out of holes? Well this is an online version! Wicked stuff!
2) Speed Card Game It’s totally addictive – so you have been warned!
3) And a Really cool video … Would convince anyone to vote against Bush in the next election. Highly amusing!
And on that note, I will love you and leave you!

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