Sitting here,
Thinking of you,
Are you thinking of me?
I wonder,
Where you are,
what you’re doing,
How much you see……
I feel,
And I cry,
At the pain of knowing you’re gone,
Too far for me to hear you,
Too far for me to see you,
It’s cold,
And it’s quiet,
The days are long,
The nights sweep by in fitful sleep.
I can’t forget,
I can’t let go,
I saw you sleeping,
Cold, but sleeping,
While I searched for life,
Already knowing it gone,
I didn’t even have the guts to say goodbye,
And now I cry,
And I miss you.
You were there but now you’re gone,
What happened to my world?
The stitches fell loose,
And nothing will ever be the same again,
The image disappeared,
And there was nothing to put in your place,
Except maybe a few tears and ‘what if’s,
A see-through barrier of pain.
I tried to rebel, to run away,
But the big wide world will never be big enough for me to disappear into,
You said it, you did it, the world changed,
And nothing will ever be the same again.

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