Vacancy- mind needed

To think, to contemplate a life of nothingness,
To observe, to recognize how many people have what you
strive your whole life just to get a glimpse of,
To feel, only to want for feelings,
To speak, in order not to be heard,
To listen, hoping to be noticed,
To understand, that once more in your life you’re completely alone.
Who knows where I’m going?
?Coz I certainly don’t.
The world is passing me by,
Every day,
And it doesn’t matter what I say,
Or do,
It ain’t gonna stop and wait for me.
If only I could take control of it,
Like a toy,
I’d slow it down,
And maybe even go backwards for a while,
To try and find whatever I missed,
Whatever tricked me into taking the wrong path,
And took away everything I was relying on,
To take me on to the next crossroads,
A decision point surrounded by grown up issues.
I think I got there early and took them all by surprise,
Maybe that’s why everything is so confused right now,
I’ve already made all those decisions,
Travelled those roads,
There’s nothing left for me to do,
Except watch and wait,
?Till I can find that missing piece I lost along the way.
Standing on the edge,
Thinking about the road before me,
And the dust behind me,
To collect all the dust and clean it up,
Would be a life’s work,
But to forget it,
To pretend it isn’t there,
Will always end up worse,
As it builds up,
And drowns me every so often,
So far, I’ve come back up again,
Coughing, Spluttering,
Gasping for breath,
Just enough to give me the energy to reach to shore,
Dry land.
I haven’t found it yet.

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