Not meaning to take

x-ray picture of the process of poo.. Not meaning to take anything away from the previous post, but, owing to my recent ‘bowel problems’, I’ve been wondering about the whole process of pooing and how it all works… I mean what should a poo look like? How do I know if something’s wrong? That’s something we just don’t talk about… pity really, as although it’s maybe embarrassing, it may stop an awful lot of shame and pain if we just knew where to go to ask the questions.. This movie might be interesting – it’s an x-ray movie of what theprocess of poo looks like
On a lighter note… this site has the lowdown on loads of towns and cities in Britain – the best things, the worst things, the Kappa Slappa hang outs, etc.. Even though they totally slate ‘Boro, it’s pretty truthful… (courtesy of NotBbc website)
C ya for now….

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