IT WORKED!!!! Well another fun

Well another fun day at work – have been here since 7.15 and so far have managed to have two cigarettes, empty my bin over the floor and lose the kettle. Have a load of meetings today which will not be particularly enlightening or amusing and not feeling quite as chirpy as I was yesterday as my eyes still look like something from a horror movie (or the salivating dog in Hound of the Baskervilles) and my previously tidy flat is now in its same old messy state again.
I need chocolate. And crisps. And alcohol although I am trying to avoid this at the moment – no particular reason except that I seem to get the majority of my daily calories through beer and I thought it might be interesting to experiement with something else. For example, food.
Really should tidy up my office. I have piles of paper everywhere, the filing cabinets are stuffed full but I have just received an invitation from a colleague to join him for a greasy breakfast – how can I refuse. Will try this food idea out!

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