Dawn’s friend Doug here. Hello

Dawn’s friend Doug here. Hello Dawn! Knackered but been enjoying myself today; had friends here and we’ve cooked a fantastic curry.

Just been laughing at Chris Morris’ take on the atrocities of 11th September: six months that changed a year which is nearly as funny as the polarised reactions to it: ‘Terror’s March Backwards’ by Armando Iannucci and Chris Morris represents one of the most tasteless and offensive pieces of ‘journalism’ I have ever read. There are no words that can appropriately describe your paper’s callous disregard for the dead.’ yeah well, I think these reviews prove the point really, much like they did with the Brass Eye Paedophilia Special. The punters clearly don’t realise that Chris Morris is taking the mick out of the media hysteria following the atrocity and not the atrocity itself. Mind you, ever played Hunt the Boeing?

Trying desperately to work out a way to get down to the MayDay shenanigans in London. Having difficulty though what with disability and The Trainline being so crap, and their main website www.ourmayday.org.uk being down. Suspicious that… But whatever, I will be there, in finest coffin regalia.

Cheers a lot Dawn, no doubt I will be writing again!

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