WAHEEY!! THE PAGE HAS BEEN UPDATED!!! Yes, I’ve finally managed to find a way to get my music up here, so hopefully no more complaints about it not working! Also, I’ve added some cool games to download. They’re made using Flash by NCBuy.com, they’re free and they’re great! I’ve put them on the ‘games and cool stuff’ page. Also added some pictures of Annabelle on my ‘I do have friends’ page. The links for today are Joe’s Cartoons, home of the Frog in the Blender (apparently) and The Whitehouse. This isn’t the ‘Official’ White house web page, (that one can be found here.) It’s a mickey take of the official site and it’s quite funny… While I’m on the subject of America, does anyone else get scared thinking of the fact that America, the most powerful country in the world, is ruled by a dumb-ass overgrown, ignorant ape? What was all that about in the speech?? He’s asking for trouble naming countries like Iran, Iraq and North Korea as “An axis of evil”. Before the year is out, America will be at war with the world. There’s nothing to boost an economy and qualify your (franky pretty dodgy) position as president like a war. Ignorant wanker!! Ok, rant over.

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