Back again. Surfin the net

Back again. Surfin the net while bored, the best places to visit are community blogs. This one is called ‘meta filter’ and is great. Found some wicked sites from it.
On the satirical news front, visit ‘spiked-online’ and ‘the Anorak’. The anorak bills itself as a roundup of tabloid stories, but is therefore amusing anyway.. This site made me laugh, especially this page. How true this rings for all us students out there..
Anyone out there remember the Weekly World News? That’s the magazine/Newspaper with those funny but outrageous stories like ‘Alien abducted my dog’ etc. Well, an archive of stories is available here, courtesy of Yahoo! Came across this article while browsing around. It’s at the Daily Mirror, but written by an outside correspondent. Puts the points a lot better than I could..
Ok, nearly done. A last link before I leave, check out The Untitled Document. It’s an U.K based ‘satirical e-zine’. Bloody brilliant (but make sure you read the disclaimer at the bottom!)
That’s it for today! :-)

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