WAHEY!! BORO 2 MAN UTD 0!!!!! Boro are through to the next round of the F.A Cup. Wahoooooooo!! O.k, so that’s my happy happy rant over. What else has been happening in the world? Quite a lot, really, but most of it is so pathetic it doesn’t deserve mentioning.. (but you know I will anyway). Politicians using one old lady’s case to gain political points with the NHS. Pathetic. It should have been resolved at local level, just like everybody else has to do.
Another thing.. why does this American blokey who was caught in Afghanistan get sent home to America to face court, yet everyone else has to go to Cuba to be interrogated? There is uproar because he was denied access to a lawyer, but all the other captives have been denied access to justice altogether!! On the subject of the stupidites of the U.S, check out this link.Annabelle sent it to me.. pretty funny, but scary coz it’s quite truthful… Well, I have nothing else interesting to say at the minute… will write again when I do….

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