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Criminal tendencies.

Yeah, so today, in casual conversation, K says to me: “oh! I got stopped by the police yesterday!” “Did you?” I ask. “What for?” (knowing that her car isn’t working at the moment so it can’t be a random traffic … Continue reading

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I have skills…

Yeah. I’m a super-skilled driver. I swear, I can find the nearest brick wall / skip in a 5 mile radius and reverse into it! Yeah. I did it again. I reversed into a wall today. It was in this … Continue reading

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I’m stressed out. So much to think about. “Catastrophic thinking”, K calls it. Like a snowball effect. Thinking one thing is going to go wrong, which will then make other things go wrong. But a first piece of good news … Continue reading

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What an evening! After a hard day of work, I was out with one of my clients having a coffee. I came back to the car and the battery was absolutely flat!! Luckily K came to the rescue. I called … Continue reading

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That Friday feeling…

Yeah ok, so I know it’s not Friday any more. But I had a BIG TRAUMA on Friday that I just HAD to blog about.. So, the car park at work is really difficult to park in. It’s very tight. … Continue reading

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Here we go again..

Well, how to put it? I’m not doing so well recently. I’m still crying at the drop of a hat. I’m still extremely paranoid. I’m still freaking out over illogical things. (like not bringing a pair of trousers into the … Continue reading

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I’m slowly getting used to this ‘K being at work’ thing.. Though it is quite strange. We haven’t spent a night apart for a long time, and being alone again in the flat is very wierd. Every noise is a … Continue reading

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Today I am a hero. And a clutz

Yes readers, today I am a hero. Today I was driving to work when I noticed something in the middle of the road. Turned out to be a St Bernard dog. Just standing there stopping the traffic. No sign of … Continue reading

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One day I will laugh about this…

So. In a dramatic *ahem* update to the previous post…. the car broke down on the way home. I got a jumpstart at work to get me going, and I thought it would be ok, what with not having to … Continue reading

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Holiday adventure!

A Sunken ship next to a Churchill Barrier on Orkney Well, dear readers.. I’m back. I survived (just) and have lived to tell the tale! Between us, me and K drove over 1600 miles last week. Firstly to my mum’s … Continue reading

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