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I’ve been messing around with templates today.. Wondering which one to use. So if the site seems to disappear or appear completely different for a while, then that’s because I’m messing around with it. (and hopefully not breaking it!) I’m … Continue reading

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I’m so excited!! I just got a Mega Drive emulator working on my Nokia N90! Pico Drive version 0.18 Symbian OS7 is the one that works on the Nokia N90. I’ve been playing with sonic, paperboy, the Addams Family, Earthworm … Continue reading

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Waheyyyyyyy!!! I’m back!!! My bloody site got hacked, then the rubbish Customer services at my hosts conveniently ignored my requests for a restore. *sigh* So I’ve just spend ages getting this damned thing back up again!! Damned bloody hackers!! Who … Continue reading

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Life online

I love having an internet connection. I’ve just bought some contents insurance (from The AA if you’re interested.). And I’ve just sorted out my TV license. These things have been bugging me for a while. I haven’t had any contents … Continue reading

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New Blog (kinda)

So, my old blog isn’t working. I’ve been trying for weeks to make it work again. But, a combination of a bad Movable Type upgrade and a corrupted database means it’s just not going to work for me. So for … Continue reading

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Two posts!!

Two posts in one day! Aren’t you lucky?? I’m sitting at home, in front of my computer (obviously), in the stifling heat. I kept my french window open for hours this evening, but closed it because I’m scared of all … Continue reading

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