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Poorly bunny

I currently have ‘poor bunny’ status. Despite the fact that K has been coughing now for over 2 months. I have ‘Man Flu’. I’ve had that thing they talked about in the news I think. Tummy problems. And then heavy … Continue reading

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That time of year…

Well. I haven’t written for a long time – again. I got a new car, which then refused to start. With the help of the man up the road and some hobby mechanics, we have managed to get it started … Continue reading

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Where to start???

Ok.. I promised an update – and I will try! I have SO much to update I’m sure I’ll forget something. .. and maybe all the stuff that’s exciting to me won’t be exciting to anyone else.. But I’ll put … Continue reading

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So So Tired..

I am. I’m REALLY really tired.. See, I can’t drink Caffeine. Some awful medical reason which I won’t go into here. But now I have no nicotine either, and I’m really really struggling in this warm weather with no stimulants … Continue reading

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Feel my PAIN!!!

Blog Readers. I need you to sympathize. I need you to empathize. I need you to beat me round the head to give me something else to think about.. Today is my 4th Whole Day without a cigarette. And I’m … Continue reading

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