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Back in communicado!

Hello again! I’m finally back online and able to blog from home, so I thought I would take advantage. The last couple of weeks have been busy. Buying things for the flat, putting things away, taking advantage of our closeness … Continue reading

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Poorly bunny

I currently have ‘poor bunny’ status. Despite the fact that K has been coughing now for over 2 months. I have ‘Man Flu’. I’ve had that thing they talked about in the news I think. Tummy problems. And then heavy … Continue reading

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My car just failed it’s M.O.T. But it didn’t just fail. It failed spectacularly! It needs about £300 of work doing to it. A couple of bulbs changing, some new parts (something to do with suspension) ordering, and some welding … Continue reading

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Life Update

Ok. So yesterday I sent off two letters to two credit reference agencies to get a copy of my credit file. I have one cheque to write, and can then send the third one off I learned that a £2 … Continue reading

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Lurgy :(

I’ve been ill this week, readers. I’ve had some sort of lurgy. Not nice. And it has kept me off work for 4 days.4 whole days! I hate taking sick time. I always feel so guilty for it. I don’t … Continue reading

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Yo people! I’ve been so bad at updating recently, haven’t I? I go to start an update, then kinda lose track and lose the inspiration. But there have been so many things I could have blogged in the meantime.. I … Continue reading

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Long time no update (again)

Well… Long time no write! I’m back from my trip ‘oop north, and back at work again. Going home was fun – even though I got a horrible cold the day after I got there! I went to bingo with … Continue reading

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Plees day..

Not sure what to write really, but today has been another very long day. *yawn* And there’s a dragonfly trying vainly to have sex with my computer monitor. Interesting… Anyway.. I spent most of today down the police station with … Continue reading

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Long week

It’s the end of what has seemed a very long week. Tiring. But rewarding I’ve managed to meet with a few clients, chat to people I need to chat to, and travel to Kent for some training. And I’m looking … Continue reading

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Day 2

Firstly – thank you for the comments lovely blogpeople It can really make a difference to read comments. They are much appreciated. (And an apology for not getting round to reading everyone else’s blog at the moment. I just don’t … Continue reading

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