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Criminal tendencies.

Yeah, so today, in casual conversation, K says to me: “oh! I got stopped by the police yesterday!” “Did you?” I ask. “What for?” (knowing that her car isn’t working at the moment so it can’t be a random traffic … Continue reading

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I have skills…

Yeah. I’m a super-skilled driver. I swear, I can find the nearest brick wall / skip in a 5 mile radius and reverse into it! Yeah. I did it again. I reversed into a wall today. It was in this … Continue reading

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What an evening! After a hard day of work, I was out with one of my clients having a coffee. I came back to the car and the battery was absolutely flat!! Luckily K came to the rescue. I called … Continue reading

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Preparation is EVERYTHING

Indeed it is. Preparation. I’m the kind of person who needs to write lists. You know the one. The one who puts EVERYTHING into an outlook calendar and ‘invites’ you to important events via email to try and make you … Continue reading

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That Friday feeling…

Yeah ok, so I know it’s not Friday any more. But I had a BIG TRAUMA on Friday that I just HAD to blog about.. So, the car park at work is really difficult to park in. It’s very tight. … Continue reading

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I’m slowly getting used to this ‘K being at work’ thing.. Though it is quite strange. We haven’t spent a night apart for a long time, and being alone again in the flat is very wierd. Every noise is a … Continue reading

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Today I am a hero. And a clutz

Yes readers, today I am a hero. Today I was driving to work when I noticed something in the middle of the road. Turned out to be a St Bernard dog. Just standing there stopping the traffic. No sign of … Continue reading

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Today I am yawning

I’m not really quite sure what to write today, but I’m sitting in the office, in a rare moment of not having my boss right opposite me and thought I’d take advantage. I have an appointment at 6pm, which means … Continue reading

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Funny old world

It has been a funny old couple of weeks really.. I went oop north with K to help mum move house (but really to collect all my stuff from the loft and sort it out!). K and I got lots … Continue reading

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One day I will laugh about this…

So. In a dramatic *ahem* update to the previous post…. the car broke down on the way home. I got a jumpstart at work to get me going, and I thought it would be ok, what with not having to … Continue reading

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