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All Change

So it’s three months later and I’ve just read through the last few blog entries. I’m heartened that they’re not actually as depressing and self indulgent as I’d feared. They’re just honest. Lots has changed and lots has happened. I’m … Continue reading

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I’m watching Mrs Pillows sleeping. She looks so content. Her cheeks all red with the warmth of the duvet and her lips in a relaxed pout, like a toddler having a tantrum. It’s hard not to giggle at the bits … Continue reading

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Following up

Well, I’m not really sure how to follow up that last post. I’ve been busy over the last couple of weeks. Catching up with lots of work after I was off ill for two weeks. But I did find out … Continue reading

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Lucky girl

I’ve been thinking. Over the past few days, I’ve been thinking the same thought. I’m a lucky lady. I’m sitting here, on our new sofa, in the living room of our lovely flat, with two little doggies by my side. … Continue reading

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I’m exhausted. I’ve just single-handedly moved our new sofa into the living room. The 2 removal men couldn’t do it. K couldn’t do it. But I’m a stubborn bugger and I didn’t want to send it back to the shop! … Continue reading

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Back in communicado!

Hello again! I’m finally back online and able to blog from home, so I thought I would take advantage. The last couple of weeks have been busy. Buying things for the flat, putting things away, taking advantage of our closeness … Continue reading

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Decisions, decisions

Well, it’s all go isn’t it! I went to work yesterday, still having a bit of a cold but feeling ok. I actually got there early! (for those of you who know me, you know how unusual that is!). But … Continue reading

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Poorly bunny

I currently have ‘poor bunny’ status. Despite the fact that K has been coughing now for over 2 months. I have ‘Man Flu’. I’ve had that thing they talked about in the news I think. Tummy problems. And then heavy … Continue reading

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Funny old world

It has been a funny old couple of weeks really.. I went oop north with K to help mum move house (but really to collect all my stuff from the loft and sort it out!). K and I got lots … Continue reading

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Dearest blogpeople. It was my birthday on Friday. And it was a COOL birthday I woke up in the morning and was presented with presents from the lovely K! I got a new mouse for my computer (as I’m often … Continue reading

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