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Well, I’ve been at work for a couple of weeks now and I’m starting to make some progress. I have spent today networking all of the computers after we moved office along the corridor. So now I have my own … Continue reading

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Well, I went to the Doctor’s. He said that it’s likely that I have Sleep Apnea. It is now just a case of finding out how bad it is. I have to be booked into a ‘sleep study’ room so … Continue reading

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I’m exhausted. I’ve just single-handedly moved our new sofa into the living room. The 2 removal men couldn’t do it. K couldn’t do it. But I’m a stubborn bugger and I didn’t want to send it back to the shop! … Continue reading

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Back in communicado!

Hello again! I’m finally back online and able to blog from home, so I thought I would take advantage. The last couple of weeks have been busy. Buying things for the flat, putting things away, taking advantage of our closeness … Continue reading

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Looking up..

Hello people Well, things are finally starting to look up! I’m getting so sick of crying at everything it’s unreal! But I don’t think I actually cried AT ALL this weekend! Bonus! Still not sure what it was that was … Continue reading

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Where to start???

Ok.. I promised an update – and I will try! I have SO much to update I’m sure I’ll forget something. .. and maybe all the stuff that’s exciting to me won’t be exciting to anyone else.. But I’ll put … Continue reading

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My Favourite Christmas Present

My Favourite Christmas Present, ladies and gentlemen, and not wanting to cause any offence to other people who bought me lovely presents too, is my epilator. It’s pink and noisy, and looks kinda nasty (in a ‘that looks painful’ way), … Continue reading

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Ok, ok. So I’ve been really bad at updating recently… The weeks before Christmas were a bit up and down, and I so couldn’t wait for the break.. But I’m feeling much better than I was I’m all grinning and … Continue reading

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Big City Bright Lights..

Well, I had an interesting weekend. I had to go to Kent to observe some training on Saturday, so I stayed with a friend on Friday night. After training, I was persuaded to go to London for a drink. To … Continue reading

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