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Happy New Year!

Well, Happy New Year folks! On New Years Day, Mrs Pillows and I had our own mini Christmas and opened presents, watched Christmas films and just spent the whole day together. Uninterrupted! It was fabulous! I got tickets to see … Continue reading

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Hair story

I have new hair! (again) As I’m training new agents this weekend, I thought I should make a bit of an effort and tidy my hair up. So I made an appointment at the local hairdressers to have it cut … Continue reading

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Crazy ideas needed

I’m trying to think of something crazy to do for comic relief. Something that will get me sponsored. I’m restricted because of my weight (so a parachute or bungee jump is out of the question- I’m too heavy), but otherwise … Continue reading

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As the universe goes into a new phase in the Mayan calendar, my hair changes AGAIN

I’ve been meaning to blog for DAYS. But every time I get to the computer, I have something else to do! I’ve been testing out this ‘posting by email’ gubbins, and hopefully this will work ok without too many major … Continue reading

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30 skills before 30

I found this online and thought I would put it up here and see how many I had done.. 30 SKILLS EVERY WOMAN SHOULD HAVE BEFORE TURNING 30 1. Hard boil an egg check! 2. Diplomatically tell Mom to butt-out … Continue reading

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Back to life, back to reality – at last!

I know I’ve been away for a long time now. I just got more and more down for a while there and didn’t really want to be just coming on here and moaning about everything. In total I had 7 … Continue reading

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Small world

We went (K and I), to Brighton Pride yesterday. We had meant to be going to the Cambridge Folk Festival, but I sold the tickets as Kate Rusby wasn’t playing and I’m a bit nervous about camping. (Considering the last … Continue reading

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Following up

Well, I’m not really sure how to follow up that last post. I’ve been busy over the last couple of weeks. Catching up with lots of work after I was off ill for two weeks. But I did find out … Continue reading

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Lucky girl

I’ve been thinking. Over the past few days, I’ve been thinking the same thought. I’m a lucky lady. I’m sitting here, on our new sofa, in the living room of our lovely flat, with two little doggies by my side. … Continue reading

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Technicolour Treacle. Cute I’m slowly recovering from Sinusitis. I’m still really tired, and randomly feel the urge to puke up now and again, but I’m still lots better than I was! I’m back at work, and had my review today. … Continue reading

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